Dr Shelley Blundell qualified with her master’s degree in Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg in 2018. Her passion for Chiropractic was led by her fascination with human anatomy and physiology – a passion that continued to grow with the gained ability to provide relief and ease discomfort in the lives of her patients.

As an active participant in various sports and academia, Dr Blundell has a keen interest in and understanding of the importance of optimal functioning of the human body in meeting life’s daily demands – whether physical, emotional, mental etc. Every patient is unique – they differ in terms of their priorities, goals and those activities most fundamental to their daily living, however, the necessity for the sound, pain-free functioning of one’s body and mind in the performance of those activities is recognised throughout.

Masters ThesisThe impact of hand hygiene intervention on the bacterial population on chiropractors hands