Joint mobilisation is an alternative and gentler technique used to achieve joint mobility. The goal of the mobilisation technique is the same as that of the chiropractic adjustment – both aim to restore joint motion and function. However the mobilisation technique is slower, less forceful and commonly involves slight overpressure applied to a joint that is carried through to its end range of motion multiple times. 

Why use this technique?

Chiropractors may choose spinal mobilization over adjustments for a variety of reasons. These include: 

Patient preference. Some patients prefer mobilisation over adjustment 

Patients with a negative reaction to adjustments. This is rare, however some patients may resist adjustment techniques or respond with muscle spasm/bracing and an alternative, gentler method is preferred. 

Patients presenting with very acute pain who cannot be positioned effectively for a spinal adjustment or whose pain may be aggravated further. 

Patients with existing conditions that may be contraindicated for adjustments. Some of these include advanced osteoporosis, bone pathology, advanced joint degeneration, post-operative conditions (eg. disc replacements and vertebral fusions) and certain types of inflammatory arthritis